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Why Are We So Afraid?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

People coming together as their best selves in a crisis

Some of us have a little more toilet paper in the basement than others right now.

And some of us have a little more in the department of managing fear.

The great thing is that we don't have to wait until the next delivery if we want to feel calm in the storm. Managing fear is a skill gained through mind management...that we can create in our homes, in quarantine, in bed if we need to.

Right now.

What is going on in the world around us is what is going on in the unchecked mind.

People fear scarcity and so they CREATE scarcity by reacting without intention or deliberation.

They are running amok fighting over toilet paper and granola bars.

They stockpile and hold onto things that are not necessarily the best things for them...check the little Debbie's and cookies isles...and leave the really nutrient-dense foods for crazy people like me that eat clean to stay healthy.

People are compulsively consuming frightening media and information feeding the shock and fear, unaware that the dopamine hit they receive each time they hear some startling news will keep them in fear and coming back for more.

When we are impulsively reacting to fear it means we have thoughts running amok in our minds that serve us to feel frantic, panicked, scarce, and afraid.

Even though we tell ourselves it is the world and others making us feel that way.

If we are being intentional about how we are going to handle a challenge we will take a moment to think about how we WANT to feel.

Regardless of a world gone crazy.

How do you want to feel in a crisis?





And consider which thoughts will serve us to FEEL exactly like we need to in order to act deliberately.

What do you need to THINK in order to feel calm and come up with sensible and creative solutions?

Those are literally choices.

And so is panic, desperation, scarcity, stress, worry, on-edge.

Are you happy with the choices you are making in regards to this situation?

While fear can be a driving force to make changes, protect our people, fear ABOUT FEAR is just plain dangerous.

And totally optional.

When we are not intentional with our thoughts and feelings THIS is exactly what we do well.

We create the opposite of what we are going for.

May I offer ways for you to manage the fear you may be experiencing today?

1. Do a thought download

Get out every fear, thought, and emotion on paper to see. Clear those thoughts out so they no longer feel like they are you. Look at them. Allow yourself to take in what is driving your actions.

Are any of them valid?

Are any of them catastrophic and exaggerated?

What can you do to create a solution for the ones that are legitimately valid?

No toilet paper? What could you do?

No food? What could you do?

We're all going to die? Are you sure?

Choose to give the ones that give you good information the attention. The ones that just feed the person you DON'T want to be in a crisis...crumple the paper up and save it in case you do run out of TP. That's about all they are good for.

2. Decide how you are going to show up in a crisis

This is choosing to be intentional rather than reactionary.

I've chosen to be calm, abundant, empowering, generous, and ready.

I have a plan A, plan B, plan C for possible concerns without the worry. Worry prevents me from coming up with creative solutions on the fly. I want that ability in a challenging circumstance.

3. Choose thoughts that help you show up as that person

And keep thinking them MORE than the ones that bring fear

My examples are:

There is plenty for everyone

This is the perfect opportunity

Things are exactly as they should be

People are kind

I am capable and resourceful

I am made for challenges

I make excellent decisions from a place of compassion

How can I use this experience to become a better person?

4. Notice how you are feeling and then acting when you are thinking those thoughts

I was in the store the other day buying groceries for the week. There was plenty of what I needed. I noticed fresh fruits and vegetables, milk. The couple in front of me left me $20 for groceries. Just to be kind. Because the person in front of them had paid for part of theirs. I was able to give the checker a $20 tip and be witness to the generosity of several people. I left that bare-shelved store feeling abundant, faithful in the humans around me, and immensely grateful.

I could have left with a different experience if I had chosen to.

I want to be the person who is willing to part with my last roll.

I want to be the person that feels grateful.

I want to be the person that doesn't need the world to be okay to be okay.

I want to be calm and have enough of it that I can hand it out to others who are feeling worried and anxious today like the supply is endless and the hope truck is arriving within the hour.

This is our chance to work our minds.

This is our chance to share happiness and hope.

This is our chance to show that we are willing to give and receive.

This is our chance to take stock of our own skills, our priorities as if the entire world just cleared their schedules for us.

This is an opportunity.

To become stronger because of a challenge.

Not broken.

#strongerbecause I can work through challenges

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