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I did the work and it is amazing!

Brooke Castillo's Urge Jar Challenge accepted and I love how it ended.

Basically you reward yourself for NOT giving into an urge and pay attention to NOT FIGHT, NOT REACT, and NOT DISTRACT from it.

Just sit with it.

While it pitches a freaking fit.

After 100 times the urge settles down into a well-behaved thought that accepts "No" from the prefrontal cortex/brain parent like an angel.

Willpower and white-knuckling can be saved for better days and you get to sit back, be surrounded by all kinds of tempting things, and be totally fine without.

Here is my video about the experience.

#motivation #selfimprovement #lifecoaching #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #inspiration #goals #autoimmunedisease #urges #habits #strong #strongerbecause

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