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You Are NOT Broken.

If your heart feels broken from something your spouse did in your marriage

Or you feel damaged from something that happened to you as a child

Gutted because of what your child said to you

Abuse in your past

Neglect or rejection now

You are not broken.


Since the past, including just yesterday, is gone

The only way it can hurt you is by what you think about it now.


We are trained to believe that the reason we aren't happy is because of something outside of us

"Have a happy day" as if days make us happy by being delivered onto our porch by Amazon.

"Happy wife, happy life"

"Your parents made you this way"


Each time we are feeling anxious, frustrated, disappointed it is an opportunity to understand how we are blocking our own peace.

It isn't IN the way of peace. It IS the way.


As long as we are looking to the outside world for the reasons we don't feel peace

Blaming our parents

Our spouse

Our neighbor

We are missing that opportunity


Here is why I know you are not broken:

  • Because you are here.

  • You are strong.

  • You are made for challenges.

  • You have something in you that was bigger than whatever happened to you.

  • You use the opportunities that life has given you to become more than you were yesterday.

And because it does you absolutely no good to believe it.


Because "I am broken" is a thought that you can change

It is definitely NOT truth.


If the girl who became paralyzed when falling off a cliff believes she has the advantage over those who can walk

"I am broken" was a thought, not a fact.


If the man who lost his family in a car accident became a more loving person by going through that

"I am broken" was not truth.


You don't need to wait to see the ending to decide if you are broken or not

YOU DECIDE IT NOW to make sure it does not become your truth.


This is why I do what I do.

I have committed my life to becoming stronger because of everything I go through.

And it is why I offer my hand to people who are struggling

Who wonder if they are broken

And become the cycle-breakers in their families

The ones who can calmly, with love, walk away from chaos, drama, and even abuse believing they are better.

Who show their families and children another way.

We were never meant to walk this journey alone.

It is through the people who have done things to us that the opportunity is created

And the people who have made miracles from it that show us how to use it.

Be one of those.


Never choose to believe you are broken.


If you want to be the one who creates her own peace using the resources life has given you, call for a relationship reset call to:


*Find the 3, main problems and 3 main solutions

*Create a clear, customized plan to create your peace

*Get past your past


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