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When Their Best Could Have Been Better

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

When we are trying to work our way to a place of compassion regarding someone else's behavior we may say, "They are doing their best".But that is often quickly followed by doubt and a subtle thought that they actually could have done better, it wouldn't have been THAT hard to do better, it's totally possible to do better than that.Sometimes we are saying this to ourselves as well, sending the message that we aren't doing well enough.And others aren't doing well enough.I genuinely want to believe that others are doing their best because it does me no good to assume otherwise.I can't control them.I don't want to control them.And believing that they could have done better settles as judgement, superiority, frustration, and other feels that don't help me out in this journey.Those thoughts actually keep me from showing up as my best.And so I'm left with my own thoughts and my own actions....the things I legitimately do control.This new thought helped me work the old "They are doing their best" into my thought process without feeling like I was lying to myself. It has helped me so much and I hope it helps you too.We've got places to go. We don't need to stay stuck in "not-enough-ness".

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