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Using Our Emotions To Serve Us Better

It would be great to be someone who immediately feels compassion for someone that is acting in a way that triggers us.

But we aren't all Eckhart Tolle.

We'll get there...

In the meantime we can start where we are now and work ourselves toward compassion using the messages we are getting in this moment.

Furious? That's okay.

Disappointed? Totally fine.

They all have something to tell us about where we are at.

We can even get clues to where someone else may be at that helps us work around to compassion quicker.

I feel better when I'm in a place of compassion.

I'd like more than an occasional visit to a place of compassion.

I'd like to live there as much as possible.

#motivation #compassion #love #allweneedislove #lifecoaching #strongerbecause I am aware of where I am now and where I am going. Compassion town.

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