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That Conversation You Dread

When the conversation needs to happen

But you just know it is going to end in a fight....

I used to prepare for a hard conversation for weeks

I would write my part out

Memorize it

Rehearse it

Run it by someone

Edit it

Plan for possible responses and memorize accordingly

Didn't work.

Because as important as the words are

The feeling behind the words is infinitely more important

Trying to dress up and layer sugar and pretty words over top of



Justification and


Does. Not. Work.

It flavors every word you say.

Create a connecting conversation by coming at it from a space that is clean.

  • Switch blame for empowerment

  • Frustration for calm

  • Justification for confidence and

  • Defensiveness for peace

And THEN see the words that come from your mouth

Calm and unrehearsed

And make a "difficult" conversation not difficult at all

By changing only one person.

The one you truly do control.


What are some thoughts you can choose that help you feel

Empowerment instead of blame?

Calm instead of frustrated?

Confident instead of justified?

Peaceful instead of defensive?

Need help coming up with some peace in a relationship with conflict?

I can help.

Schedule a chat below to find three things you can change today to have more peace.


"What I like most about coaching with Jenn was that she broke down step by step ways to change thought patterns, and also gave us assignments - she was an accountability partner for change."

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