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How to Spot a Poop Sandwich

Sometimes one of the most challenging things to accept is that just because someone offers you unkind words, blame, criticism, and all of the things we make mean something negative about us...does not mean we have to accept it as true or even valid. I hear, "But they said they hate me. Why wouldn't I feel rejected?" "They said I'm unloveable. So I am if they don't love me." As if it is an obvious truth. And all of the other things that are sent our way, I'll bet you can think of some...that we use to identify ourselves with, label ourselves with, and make part of our very being. "I'm lazy" "I'm unlikeable" "I'm ugly" "I'm fat" We bring up evidence to support the "truth" of negative statements rather than other, healthier options that help us show up as the people WE like. And so I ask, if someone handed you a poop sandwich would you accept it and make it part of you? Why not? Because you know it isn't good for you. You recognize that it could hurt you. You know you aren't obligated to take it. Even if someone you love is handing it to you. We can do the same with comments that are intended to hurt or demean us. We are not obligated to take them and use them to hurt ourselves with just because they are offered to us. Please learn to spot a poop sandwich for what it is. And learn to say no.

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