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Why Saying No Could Be The Best Thing You Do For Your Relationship

The Surprising Secret to a Closer, Healthier Marriage

Have you found yourself in a struggling marriage, caught in a cycle of conflict, resentment and disconnection?

You're not alone

That's how I know there is a path out of that pain and towards the passionate, supportive partnership you wish for.

The solution may seem counterintuitive, but it's the key that many successful couples use to revive their relationships:


When there are unhealthy habits and turmoil in a marriage,

the natural human impulse is often to shut down boundaries entirely - by either

  • acquiescing to keep the peace or

  • lashing out aggressively to try and control the situation.

But neither approach allows for true closeness and connection.

Boundaries are the force field that protects your sense of self while still allowing intimacy.

With healthy boundaries in place, you create

  1. An external filter to keep unkind, unfair treatment and criticism from reaching you and eroding your sense of worth.

  2. An internal filter, preventing you from lashing out with people-pleasing or controlling behaviors towards your spouse that will further damage the relationship.

Boundaries allow you to remain open and connected with your partner, while also preserving your sovereignty, self-respect and emotional well-being.

They're the foundation for real vulnerability and authentic relating.

Once boundaries are established, couples find they can:

  • finally discuss issues with candor and compassion, free from fear of personal attacks or instincts towards self-preservation.

  • Problems get resolved, not litigated.

  • A sense of mutual understanding, care and "being seen" emerges.

Reviving physical and emotional intimacy becomes possible again, now that there's an underlying sense of felt safety, dignity and respect on both sides of the relationship.

The resentment and tension dissipates, making room for playfulness, affection and passion to be rekindled.

Boundaries aren't a wall keeping your spouse out -

they're the soil allowing your marriage's roots to dig in deeper than ever before.

Don't resign yourself to living disconnected and unfulfilled.

Establish healthy boundaries, and begin cultivating the closeness and care you deserve.

Unsure how to set healthy boundaries?

You are not alone.

Click below to schedule a call and strategize how you can RESET your old marriage with new, healthy boundaries set with love and kindness.

It's like getting a Master's Degree in relationship repair.

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