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When You Want To Ghost Someone

If you feel like ghosting someone in your life let's chat on the porch for a minute.

Boundaries are wonderful and amazing. They are made with and for love. I think everyone should have them.

Barriers are made from fear. They are reactionary. When we set up barriers we are usually just trying to escape discomfort that we feel around or about a person.

But it frequently leads to more discomfort like guilt, remorse, regret, disconnection, hurt feelings, a desire to hurt someone like we've felt hurt.....and sometimes relief. Because we believe that we got rid of the problem.

But they were never the problem.

The problem is how we are thinking about them and about us when we are around them.

Sometimes a break is exactly what we need. When we can take that break from a place of compassion and understanding, the decisions that come afterward to keep the relationship or let it go will be one that will generate confidence and more love rather than the opposite.

Maybe you will decide to leave and create a way to say good-bye that honors the friendship you had. One that is intentional from a loving place. Because love just feels better.

More next week about ending a friendship in a kind way so stay tuned.

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