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When You Feel Like There Is Nothing Out There For You

When you feel like there is nothing out there for you...

THE one,

THE job,

purpose, fulfilment.

DO NOT wait for the fulfilment fairy!

Maybe you've been divorced or the kids have moved on or you've retired. Whatever it is, if you find yourself waiting, looking for THAT THING and beginning to believe that it just isn't out there...This is for you.

This is about realizing that you create your results.

They don't happen to you.

It is about believing new things and acting differently when we do BECAUSE we believe new things.

We don't create new things with old thoughts.

They have to go.

"There is nothing better out there."

"There is nothing out there for me."

demonstrate a "lack" or "scarcity" mindset.

That things like purpose and fulfilment are finite and run out rather than things we create in our minds with our thoughts.

Don't get duped by this thought.

You have people to connect with.

You have purposes to create and fulfill.

You have more life to live.

It's time to go out there and CREATE it.

Not wait for the fulfilment fairy to come.

Currently I am recovering from knee surgery.

The mindset that I create my results helps me stay centered, calm, creative, patient as I heal.

I am still 100% chasing my goals...

From the couch rather than the summits


There is plenty to learn here and now.

I don't need purpose and success to come to me.

I create it.

I can do that from anywhere with or without my knee.

Whatever it is you believe you are missing to keep moving forward I challenge you to believe something new today.

Please call me if you need help doing that 208 220 1436.

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