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When Someone Tells you No

It's no wonder we feel a little sad or upset if someone tells us no.

Maybe we were really hoping they would come to an event.

And it would be so much more fun if they were there.

And we could feel like a connected group if they were there.

...but they said no.

We can spend a lot of time confused about how they said it or what it means about them, about us, about our relationship, and all the things

We may even begin to think that someone is a little self-centered to not consider others when they said no.

But in this video I would love to share how WE actually spend less time thinking about ourselves when we can accept a no from a "clean" place, which is a place where we are owning how our own thoughts are creating those feelings of sadness or upset.

BUT...when you can learn to do this well...there is SO MUCH emotional management available with ALL KINDS of benefits. I'll share some of those here.

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