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When Someone Shouts You Down

When someone "shouts us down" we begin to do a couple of things:

We focus on them: the ones we can't control or change

We believe that our options are "Forget you" or people-pleasing

And we believe our own thoughts that aren't true and don't serve us.

Things like, "My opinion doesn't matter", "I need to change the way they are doing things to feel validated", or "They should listen to me".

Here are some ideas about what to ask yourself when you find yourself struggling feeling like you are being shut down.

And what to do to show up in an honest, non-reactionary way knowing full-well that your opinion is valid and important.

You can do this.You can handle a "bad" reaction.

It's okay for them to have a different opinion....even if their opinion is "You shouldn't have a different opinion" (in other words...the same thing YOU are thinking!)

We're human.

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