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When Someone Rages At You

What do you do When Someone Rages At You????

((And what does karate, English balls, and Inspector Clouseau have to do with anger?!!))

The instincts that kick in when someone rages at us are usually not ones that serve our higher selves. They often look like this:

Person says words-> I think "They should act better than that" ->I feel angry ->I react, I mirror, I try to convince them that I don't desere that or that they are wrong, I pretend I don't care of feel angry...but do, ->I don't show up as my better self

There are ways to manage our emotions, the things we actually do control and manage, so that we get to feel calm, love, strength even if they are losing their mind angry and blamaing.

Anger feels more powerful, but it really doesn't feel good.

Why take anger on and punish ourselves because someone else is simply going off of instincts?

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