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When Letting Go Feels Like Giving Up

When letting go feels like giving up....


Don't give up.

Just switch your grip.

Hang on to something other than the kids acting a certain way or things turning out how you hoped or imagined to feel okay

To something inside of you to feel okay.

The brain is made to try to protect us from harm like loss, disappointment, hurt, sadness

But it uses lies to do it.

Here are some of them:

The worst is probably going to happen

I can't handle the worst-case scenario

If the worst happens it will be because I didn't do enough

Worry is productive and important

And it takes away from the ONLY thing we are guaranteed

Today. Now.

But there are things that you can believe that can help you use in this moment now to increase connection rather than decrease it with despair or frustration. And things you can do to create more peace in your future no matter the outcome.

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