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When A Relationship Is Done: Alternatives to Ghosting

Why not just ghost them when you've decided a relationship is complete?

1. Ghosting is a way of hiding from discomfort in a way that creates more discomfort

2. It often creates more stress and mind drama for us

3. The other person often creates their own stories that are hurtful to them

4. We don't have the opportunity to work through the thoughts in our mind that created the discomfort to begin with

There are times that we have done our mind work, addressed our own issues, and come to the conclusion that a relationship is just complete.

The purpose has passed and it is time to move on.

How can we do that in a way that we consider kind, brings us peace, is honest, doesn't involve escaping or avoiding?

I'm at the lake today having a chat about one alternative to ghosting that gives us peace, closure, gratitude, and love.

Because doesn't that just feel better than bitterness, regret, guilt, and anger?

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