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What To Do About That Negative Person In Your Life

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What to do when you have a really "negative person" in your life....

The person who complains

Or criticizes constantly.

They can't seem to see the bright side of things but are quick to hone in on the things that are going wrong.

If you have someone like this your life I think this will be helpful.

But be warned...the negative-thinking person in your life may not be the one that came to your mind first.

Technique for working with that "negative person" in your life:

(A follow-up to yesterday's video. If you missed it...a piece of life is waiting for you in that 5 minute vid!)

We know what they need to do to feel better.

They need to stop thinking things have gone wrong

Start looking at the good in the situation

At the good in others.

We KNOW how to be less negative about negative people, it's just harder when we are talking about changing US rather than them.

The reasons we feel entitled to being negative about negative people feels justified and truer than their reasons for being negative, right?!

Kind of, as if, we have the moral high ground.

Being negative about negative people feels more "right" than being negative about traffic...

Do you relate?

So where do we start being more positive about negative people?

We take our own advice.

Start looking for how things have gone right:

We are unintentionally thinking that they should be different than they are. They should match the make-believe person we invented in our minds that is calm, collected, and responds how we wish.

How about we believe that they are acting just as they should.

People should get to have "negative" days, months, years, lives if they choose.

People get to decide to see the good or the bad in others and situations.

People should be able to be rude, complaining, and negative because the alternative is what....thought police? Comment police?

I, personally, am glad to not have thought police or comment police. I'd be right there in jail with the rest of the human race.

We can also choose to see the good in that person:

Rather than "that person is rude", how about "that person is passionate"

Rather than "that person complains too much", how about "that person has a lovely voice".

Let's get really, really good and practiced at what we're wishing the others could do.

Just see the good, which suddenly doesn't seem so easy, does it?!!

But it's okay. The more you do it, the better you get.

It is a skill.

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