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Thoughts About God That Help Me Cope

I coach with people who believe in a higher power and I coach with people who don't.

But something we all have in common the need to have a way of coping with the unknown within our framework, whatever it is.

I'm doing something different today.

My own beliefs have nothing to do with yours or even coaching.

But believing in a higher power is one way I, personally, cope with uncertainty, turmoil, upheaval of all varieties and I want to share how I have gotten through some of the rougher periods in my life and how I currently deal with things that just don't go as planned.

Because they happen.

Sometimes often.

If you don't share this belief, it's totally fine.

I don't love you just because you believe like me.

No changes needed.

In the words of one of my favorite Instagram peeps, @thejoywarrior, "I love me. I love you. I love us."

And get through today the best way you can.

If God is one way you get through...I hope this helps you today.

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