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Blocking Connection

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

She couldn't get in the door because

her husband had left his tools there.


I related to this story that a friend told me.



It impacted me greatly.

As we talked we realized that the tools blocking the door were not the problem

(Although definitely inconvenient)

It was the thoughts and emotions she was thinking and feeling about a pile of tools

That blocked peace in her mind and connection with her husband.

With the man she married

The man she wants to love no matter what.

Personally, I don't love that my husband buys paper plates

Or leaves energy drink cans around

Some of the sentences that come out of his mouth in my direction while he is working on a project

But I realized again, after this story,

That sometimes I am giving the ability to feel peace with my husband to things like

Paper plates

Aluminum cans

And some syllables

No way.

The last time we went shopping I watched him walking down isle 11, grabbing yet another pack of paper plates that will add to the heap of a landfill

And I thought about how much I would miss this view if he were gone from my life

And I was grateful.

Not because he changed

But because I decided that paper plates would not get in my way today.

I want what is on the other side too badly.




And the power to make that decision for myself.

If you are finding yourself giving your power to feel peace and love to anything else

A text

A picture

Another woman

Paper plates

It doesn't matter how big or how small

The issue is not making him "clean his act up"

The issue is cleaning up the clutter in your own mind that is blocking your way to peace and love

Because it is good for you.

Because it feels good to have a clean mind.

You feel lighter and more in control.

Because your decisions about what to delete and what to keep are better when they come from a settled, calm, peaceful place.

Your own, clean mind.

This is something you can learn to do.