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That Person I Just Don't Like Being Around

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


If you have THAT person that you struggle to be around it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.


There is something else going on that is totally changeable.

  • If you want to feel different around them,

  • if you want to not have to avoid them,

  • if you want to make a decision to not expose yourself to them anymore,

You need the TRUTH.

And the truth is kind of hard to get to sometimes because our brain would rather take the easiest, fuzziest, comfiest way around.





But usually that is not in the best interest of our growth.

This video explains some really common things that are going on, on the down-low, that we can change.


Here are the benefits of being able to manage those things you can change:

  • You don't have to dread running into anyone

  • You get to feel comfortable even when that person is talking about politics, religion, or the choices you've made

  • When you can do that you can evaluate your own choices without judgement, heart-break, disappointment, or shame

  • When you can do that you can SHOW UP to your life, stop hiding, go to the events with confidence and presence and love being here

Surrounded by people with different opinions, comfortable in your own skin

It's like the present you give yourself that just keeps giving

So enjoy those gatherings...even if THEY are there and you get better at enjoying life.


And as always, if you want help making that important decision about whether to stay, whether to go, whether to white-knuckle the moments, or work to feel good, I can help you do that. Just hit reply and we can talk about how coaching can help.

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