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Stop Settling

Leave your old marriage. Keep your spouse.

Have you found yourself feeling dissatisfied and unhappy in your marriage?

If so, I'm glad for one thing.

Some people don't notice.

  • They just keep raising the kids.

  • Doing the projects.

  • Paying the bills.

  • Even taking vacations and not seeing the elephant in the room:

"We're not happy."

"This isn't what I wanted."

Seeing it gives you a chance to change it.

Giving in and settling for an unhappy marriage has a high price - years of quiet resentment, growing emotional distance, and missing out on the passionate, connected relationship you deserve.

Good news! Feeling dissatisfied doesn't have to mean the end of your marriage.

It can actually be an opportunity to save and rebuild it into something better than ever before.

Here's what you can do when you reach that breaking point of being unsatisfied:

1) Stop making yourself overbusy and numbing your feelings, and instead get still and honest with yourself about what you really want in your relationship.

2) Consider having an open and vulnerable conversation with your spouse about what they just don't want anymore. Things like needing to be right, withdrawing, controlling, etc are things most people want to see go if they have an alternative available. If they don't see it, still go on to number 3. Things CAN'T stay the same if you don't.

3) Do things differently. There are hundreds of other ways to interact than the ones that have put you in that rut so deep that you don't have to have the conversation to know what it will end like. Shake it up. Stop allowing the unhealthy things in. Set some boundaries, make requests instead of criticizing, allow the other person to feel what they choose to feel without trying to manage it for them. SO MANY OPTIONS.

4) Create a new repair process. This is how you come back together after a conflict. Successful partners don't argue less. They repair more, sooner, and better.

You don't have to settle for an unfulfilling, dissatisfying marriage.

By getting honest about what you want and committing to making positive changes with or without your spouse, you can transform your relationship into one filled with love, passion, and partnership.

You deserve to have a good marriage with the one you chose.

You deserve the peace and contentment.

Embrace the dissatisfaction as motivation to leave that old, stale, unhealthy marriage

And create a new one with your spouse.

If you want to stop doing the same ol' dance, but don't know how to change yet, you can have me as your coach.

When you call for a relationship reset we go over:

  1. What isn't working for you anymore

  2. Exactly what you can have and do instead

  3. How coaching can help you get it

To schedule a relationship reset call just click below.

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