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Self-Care for the Holidays

Do you end the holidays feeling exhausted, stressed, less connected, guilty, and heavier than you started?

**Like you just ended a marathon and now you have to start a new year??**

(PPSST....It isn't the holiday food, the family, or the to-do lists)

Here is what you are going to learn from this life coach if you come to this event in Logan, Utah (Saturday Oct. 21st) or Pocatello, Idaho (Thursday Oct. 19th).

  • What is the real problem, if it isn't the food, the family, or the list?

  • What is the real solution if it isn't avoiding the food, the family, and burning the list?

  • The 2 processes to get you through the holidays. You get the strategies I give my clients in one-on-one coaching.

  • A vision for your future that you may not have even considered.

But here is what you get forever:

  • Empowerment. If you know what the real problem can solve it.

  • Peace. You can relax around the holiday food and BE with the people you are gathering with.

  • Confidence. You know exactly what to do to follow a plan that works.

  • Hope. When you know literally can't stay the same.

Register by scanning the QR code below.

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