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Refusing to Take Offense

What if you didn't have to be offended

And you knew exactly how to have peace when they try?

I want you to know....

You already know how to refuse to take offense.

You already have deep, inner wisdom, connection to inspiration, intuition, and answers

But often get in your own way.

It's okay. You are human too.

But I want you to hear that you are more capable than you realize.

Here is an example:

If someone were to hand you something you find repulsive

A snake

Or a rotten piece of garbage

What would you do?

I doubt you would take much time to ponder how your response will be received

Whether you are saying it right

If they will be offended

It will most likely be a very quick, decisive action of

"Gross, no. Absolutely not."

You won't feel compelled to reach out and take the garbage

Carry it around out of obligation or politeness

Or hide it under your jacket

You know right away that it is not for you

You don't have to take it

You don't even want it near you

It isn't necessary for you to hold it

It is something you 100% don't want on your person

It isn't good for you

When someone offers an opportunity to be offended

You do not have to receive it.

You can decline.

And you can feel very settled about it

Without wondering how you should say it

Reliving the conversation over and over

Anticipating scenarios

When you know for a fact that something is not right for you

You don't have to take it

It is actually bad for you

You have your own back.

You don't beat yourself up for your decision.

I want you to have a process to be free from offense

  • See their words or actions as an opportunity to literally take and receive a slimy, rotten packet of offense. See it being offered to you in your mind.

  • View it with revulsion. You can do this with your thoughts. Some examples could be:

I have no desire to bring that kind of drama into my mind.

Offense feels terrible. Not in my brain.

That is trash for my peace of mind.

That's not something I invite into my life.

That will get all over my mind and spoil my experience

  • View the person with compassion. You can do this with your thoughts as well. Some examples are:

They must be hurting right now.

I've felt like doing that before and it felt terrible.

They think I am creating their experience right now.

  • Hand it back. Imagine declining to receive the offense. See yourself being offered a slimy packet of offense, putting up your hand, saying, "I'll let you keep that", and putting your arm around that person who does not realize yet that they are carrying around a slimy packet that they could put down too. They may be simply carrying it around, looking for the owner, having no idea that it is theirs.

Usually people are pretty sure that other people are the problem.

Often times that why someone is acting in a way that we see as offensive.

They think we are the problem.

As tempting as it is to try to convince them to set the packet down

To stop handing out trash

I want you to first, stop being a person who believes the other person is the problem.

You don't have to carry offense

You don't have to take it or receive it as your own

Cuddle it

Harbor it

Protect it.

You can choose to never take it on in the first place.

Imagine your mind as a clean, pristine, clear scene

You can hear the birds singing

Feel the breeze

Feel the sun

Go for peace

That you would never want to bring offense into

This can be tricky work to do alone. Sometimes it just feels SO DANG TRUE that there is no way to feel BUT offended.

"But you should hear what he said!"

"He DID this terrible thing!"

But you can choose another experience if you want to. Push the button below to schedule a time to talk so I can help.

In one hour I can help you see exactly where the problem is and exactly what to do about it.

Taking the problem face-on is strength.

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