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Parenting Versus Controlling

Am I parenting or am I trying to control my child?

How do we tell the difference?

Life really would be easier for us if we could control our kids and if I figure out a great way to do it I promise I'll share it with you first.

But until then we're left with doing our best with parenting because we literally don't have the power to make our kids think things, feel things, or do things.

But we put a lot of effort into trying sometimes.

If we ever say, "What I am doing isn't working because they are still doing THAT" or "I need to make them stop" or "They need to start...." we have slipped into controlling.

And we do it with the best of intentions.

But it is the exhausting way and it creates a lot of tension as we tussle over who owns what and it can ruin the experience for us

Regardless of what they are doing.

There is a better way that is NOT

Stop caring

Stop setting expectations

Stop trying

Stop hoping, wishing

But it IS

Caring 100% ALL IN

Setting good boundaries and holding them accountable

Showing up as a parent YOU are so proud of

Unconditional love for you and for them

Feeling joy, gratitude, contentment, confidence, empowerment NO MATTER WHAT they are doing with their agency to choose

Because you have agency to choose too.

Your happiness and peace are not in the hands of a teen who is still growing a pre-frontal cortex.

Today we are talking about being onto ourselves when we've moved into controlling energy, which is frustrating and exhausting and impossible, but if you want the whole process please join the online webinar "Can We Make It To 18?" on October 24 7:00 pm MDT by registering at

If you have someone you know is struggling with a teen, please share so they can create some peace in their experience.


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