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Making it Harder?

When you cheat on your diet you are proving a belief true.

When your husband does want to talk about issues you are proving a belief true.

When you get up in the morning when your alarm goes off you are proving a belief true.

What belief is it??

Keep reading.

If you are normal, you have probably been taught since childhood that things and people outside of you are creating your beliefs.

If you typically stray from your diet after 2 weeks and say, "I'm just not good at sticking to diets" and believe it is a fact....

If you and your husband stopped talking you believe "My marriage is struggling"

And are pretty sure you are simply reporting the news....

Then you've been scammed by your brain.

And you are normal.

Our brain is wired to look for the negative


Have you seen those shows that find a scammer and call THEM back?!

Hack into their system and use it to make things right??

When you find a belief that is robbing you of your peace and happiness


HACK IT to create something different.

  1. Know the difference between a fact and a thought. If it can't be proven in a court of is just a thought. You do not have to believe it. You can choose what you believe.

  2. Ask yourself "Is this a belief I want to prove true?" If it isn' can change it.

  3. Find a new thought that your mind will accept. Sometimes it needs to be an in-between thought you can work with. If it is too far from what your mind is used to thinking, it may just throw it out. We don't want to try to bully new thoughts in.

  4. Every time your brain accidentally tries to go back to the old thought, redirect it on purpose to the new thought.

Need some examples?

If you typically stray from your diet at 2 weeks, believe you are bad at diets, feel like a helpless failure, give up, comfort yourself from feeling like a failure with ice-cream, and gain the weight back...

Try this instead:

When you stray from your diet try believing "This is a chance to start over. I learn from every, single mistake. I'm the type that gets back up", you feel more empowered, motivated to keep trying, look into what set you up to go off of your protocol, don't need to comfort yourself because you aren't beating yourself up, and the result must change.

If you have an issue with your spouse and you two aren't talking about it, believe your marriage is struggling, feel despair, stop looking for answers, notice all of the other times your marriage doesn't look like you wish, shut down, harbor resentment, and create more evidence that your marriage is struggling

Try this instead:

You have an issue with your spouse and you two aren't talking about it, you can choose to believe that "We've been trying something that isn't working. We're still figuring out how to talk without being hurtful. We've gotten in the habit of avoiding. Our normal way of handling problems isn't creating the result we want"

From this place you will feel less hopeless and more empowered, more curious, ask more questions like, "What am I avoiding?" "What is another way I can approach this?" ,do some research, try to notice things that do work, remain open to information, allow hope. When you are taking that kind of action your marriage will change because YOU change.

Last one:

When you get out of bed when the alarm goes off you have an opportunity to choose different beliefs.

"I always show up for myself"

"I have important things to do today"

"Dang, I'm good"

"I hate mornings"

All could be true...but some make it harder to take action.

Which beliefs are you proving true right now?

You have a choice.

If you want to make a change

And you want to do it the easier way

Try getting coached.

Feel free to DM me on Instagram to set up a free strategy session to see where things are harder than they need to be and what to do about it.

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