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Judging Yourself for Judging Others

Judging Yourself for Judging Others

It takes some work to be okay around someone who is judging.

But what if that judging voice is in your own head?

How do you get away from that?

If you are that person and then you are judging yourself for judging others it can create what is called a shame/blame cycle.

We can stay in this cycle for a very long time if there isn't an interrupt somewhere.

Today I'm teaching how to interrupt that cycle and get to compassion in 4 steps.

1. Recognize when it is happening

2. Neutralize the thoughts

3. Create compassion for you

4. Extend the compassion to others

Because how would it be to be around others who do "different happy and different hard" and be calm and still with them and your own mind?

How much easier would life be?!

Totally doable.

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