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Is It Worth It?

Is the best-case scenario worth the worst-case scenario??

In order to create something must do something new.

It involves breaking up with comfort

Breaking up with the current version of you

And the current version of your life.

That can be terrifying

And it should feel pretty horrible.

Just think...

When your higher brain decides that the healthy thing to do is to eat less sugar

Your lower brain will talk you into that cookie

Because it would feel better.

It isn't so uncomfortable as sitting there not eating the cookie.

It will tell you that the worst-case scenario is NOT eating the cookie.

What you are missing out on now.



Calmly enjoying the food.

Fitting in.

It lawyers up and presents all of the evidence that changing your eating habits later is the right thing to do.


What if the worst-case scenario is never getting to better health?

Micro-quitting on YOU?

Playing on the ground with your grandkids?

Hikes to beautiful summits?

Feeling comfortable in your own skin?

Not feeling winded after climbing stairs?

Being able to trust yourself?

The worst-case scenario is not getting the best-case scenario.

The key is being willing to feel terrible and still do the thing.

And get good at feeling terrible...not avoiding it.

Here is how the "worst-case scenario may sound in your head:

"I won't be a good wife/girlfriend/employee if I do this for me."

"I can't do a good job because..."

"I won't have enough..."

"He will be upset if..."

And not offer what else is at stake:

"I will have more to give to others when I know how to fully take care of myself. I make my own list of priorities."

"This will help me learn that I am already good enough. I don't need to prove myself for approval or love."

"I learn to create more love, connection, time, energy, money when I invest in my mind. It makes that stuff!"

"I will develop the ability to consider how others feel AND stop trying to control and manage their emotional experience for them. I trust myself to set loving boundaries."

I know.

I've done this work too.

I just paid what I consider to be a large amount for coaching.

I felt nauseous.


My mind started thinking of all the other ways that I could use that money.

I was tempted to second-guess myself

And wonder if it would be worth it.

I considered (many times) emailing her and telling her that something came up and I would need to wait until later

When I had more money or

Less demands.

My mind was screaming at me to wait until I was more comfortable.

Here are some reasons why I didn't:

  1. I determine my success. I will make it worth it. If I go all in on myself, put myself out there 100% and fall short of my goal...I become a new person in the process. The kind that refuses to beat myself up, the kind that bets on myself, the kind that has my own back. That alone is worth the money.

  2. Waiting for the perfect moment delays my perfect moment. If I am delaying because I am afraid...I know the way to get good at dealing with the fear in my life that creates less time, more stress, less to get good at moving through fear. I no longer have to wait for fear to be gone. My perfect moments are created by me...afraid, sad, lonely, grieving, happy, fulfilled.

WHATEVER IT IS that you are working on in 2023

  • Setting boundaries

  • Doing things for you

  • Letting go of a relationship

  • Deepening connection with yourself

  • Healthy eating

Here is what the process needs to look like:

  1. Make a plan

  2. Stick to the plan

  3. Feel terrible

  4. Do it anyway

If you need help creating a plan for what you are working for in 2023, I can help from a safe, non-judgmental space...because I do this work too. I'll help you sort through your fear to make a best-case scenario possible for you.

Just click below to schedule.

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