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Inherited Coping Strategies

Do you find yourself handling challenging relationships the same way one of your parents did?

Or do you swing to an exact opposite approach?

Often someone who was raised by an explosive parent may swing to a very passive or non-confrontational approach to problem-solving in their relationships.

Stonewalling or people-pleasing or passive-aggression.

Or they may copy what they saw that seemed to work. Explosion.

There is a valid reason.

Before the age of 8 the brain is developing neuropathways and shortcuts to make decisions in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

It is carefully considering ways to avoid discomfort and cope with life.

The models you had growing up, have a huge impact on how those neuropathways developed.

If the habits and patterns that have been passed down your lines are not ones you want to keep...

Good news.

You don't have to keep them.

You can change the neuropathways in your brain to create new patterns in your relationships

And new models for you kids to pass to the next generation.

But it takes work.

Right now I am training to do the Rim to Rim hike in the Grand Canyon.

I'm not just training to finish it...

I am training to be fit enough to help anyone in my group or on my path who may require it.

I want to feel capable of helping others.

Rather than an exhausted and helpless bystander.

I am willing to work harder to be a capable support in that situation.

This is how it works in our families.

Sometimes a family needs a cycle-breaker

Who is willing to do the work on themselves

To assist the ones coming next.

They have to work a little harder than the ones who were raised with different examples

Or those who continue doing it the same, ol' way

They have to believe in themselves enough to know that they are capable of change

And that their change can make a difference.

They believe the work is worth it.

Are you a cycle-breaker?

Are you willing to work hard on yourself?

Not to just tell them a better way...

but SHOW them another way of handling challenging relationships?

Chances've already worked hard to change old patterns

But if you find the ones that are tough to change

That pop up in stressful moments as if you have no control

THIS is where a coach comes in.

I can help you identify where the interrupt needs to happen in old patterns

And HOW to interrupt it in a way that is healthy for you

And healthy for the ones watching you.

You are that influential

And you are that important

And you are worthy of something better than how you may have been raised

Click below to schedule an appointment to talk about how you can break the cycles from your past

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