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I'll Feel Better When...

Ever said, "I'll feel better when...."

It's an underlying belief that our circumstances create our feelings.

We are trained to believe this but it just isn't true.

Our brain creates our feelings with our thoughts.

The problem with believing our circumstances are creating those things for us is that we must rely on things we don't always control to change how we feel.

I don't know about the world you live in...but mine is a little up and down.

Basing my happiness on the state of the world, the way others act, my family members, the weather, the president, the schools, the government is like putting my happiness in the hands of a monkey with a gun.

I end up up and downing right along with it, reacting to one thing after another and waiting for the stars to align to feel good.

No thanks!

Waiting until:

The kids turn 18 and move out

The spouse understands

The baby stops crying

The job to end



The Rona goes...away to feel better

Is like waiting to go to the gym until I lose weight and gain muscle.

Learning to change our thoughts while we are in the more challenging moments IS the way to learn to be happy in times of peace.

Because it uses the brain to create it.

The same brain we will have whether life is crazy or life is easy.

Let's not wait for that to get started feeling good now.

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