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I Don't Want To Feel Like This

And other signs that you are drawing negative feelings to you

Girl hiding from emotions and slowing healing from autoimmune disease

I don't want to feel unhealthy.

I don't want to feel angry.

I don't want to feel triggered






Have you ever been in a rut, STUCK, in the feelings that you just don't like?

You've heard that you have control over how you feel but the "HOW do I feel anything different" is where you are at now?

This is something that I coach on frequently. It is totally normal.

And it is actually a REALLY good sign.

Because if this is where you are at, it means that you are becoming aware of the fact that you can do something, even if you aren't sure WHAT yet.

And every time you experience the anger, the discouragement, the anxiety, resentment is one more opportunity to practice and work this skill set until you become a master.

Trying desperately to get away from something indicates that there is some resistance going on.


Force takes A LOT of energy and motivation and work and will power and will power does not last forever.

Let's get you out of that quicksand while you've got some strength left.

I have a technique for you. I'm handing you a stick and giving you permission to relax for a minute.

It's going to be okay. Because when you stop struggling, you are going to stop sinking.

When I was the self-designated stick shift teacher to all of my friends.

I had found a hack in the mind that helped them grasp that it wasn't about pushing on the clutch, which is where the focus seemed to go and where the confusion would happen. I helped them focus on letting go, releasing the clutch.

Thinking backwards, in that way, is one way to get out of a thought and feeling rut.

I'm going to use some imagery to help this along.

Imagine that you are a magnet and you attract the feelings that you are focusing on.

Imagine that every time you focused on anger, the dumb thing that person did, the grievance you have against the coworker, the person who ripped you off, the negative energy in the world would come at you, pulled in by your thoughts.

How would you get it to stop?

Would you focus harder on anger? That thing he did? That thing she said?

That would just draw it faster!

In the case of autoimmune disease, there is a literal inflammation reaction when we focus on the negative. We prevent our own healing.

You change your thoughts to something positive. Something you want and need to draw to yourself.

You can generate those feelings inside you and focus on those rather than your list of grievances.

You don't need to escape because the positive things are already in you.

You don't need to find them in the drink.

Or the dessert.

Or the hit you get from buying one more thing.

What do you need to think in order to feel just how you want to feel?







Are as available to you as the negative.

Can you imagine how it would feel to draw those things toward you? Like a magnet?




Whatever it is that you are looking for in the can generate it from within.

And then you will never be without it.

Even when he does that one thing that just drives you nuts.

Did you miss the gratitude pages I created for you? This is one more way to focus on the positive. Get access to them here and build your skill toward black belt levels of mind mastery.

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