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How to Take Better Care of Yourself

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

It used to be my job to recognize signs of abuse.

As part of my responsibilities as an investigator for Child Protective Services I became highly experienced and trained to interview people, notice signals and signs of possible abuse, become expert in my knowledge of the law, and take action based on my information and best evaluation. I had to be firm enough in my decision to prove it in court and withstand cross-examination.

You would think that I would notice if I was in an abusive relationship.

One that would tell me I would never be good enough, that I was unworthy of love and respect and had to earn it. One that would deprive me of things that I needed like sleep, good food, love, compassion.

It was with myself.

I don't want to make self-care sound dramatic but I do want to demonstrate how easy it is to drop into a way of improving that just isn't kind to ourselves. We may even believe that the best and only way to improve is to dislike and even despise who and where we are now so that we will be motivated to improve.

Today I'm talking about another option.

One that feels good, treats us so well, and is easy to grasp.

AND helps us move forward much more easily than the old "whip us into shape" method.

What would it be like to be on "Team Me" like I describe in the video?

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