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How to Let Go

You know that grudges, resentment, and judgements hurt YOU when you hang onto them.

And you want to SO BADLY to let them go

But Don't. Know. How....?

Here's how.

First become aware of how you feel when you are holding onto those things.

Bring the experience up in your mind.

When your husband said that sentence.

Your mother-in-law rolled her eyes.

When that friend did nothing, nothing to help.

Where in your body are you tense?

Where in your body do you feel closed off, as if the doors are closed and locked?

Where do you feel cold? And where goes hot?

What are you feeling?

Notice what happens inside and lean into it.

Feelings can't hurt you. You are okay to feel.

If you were a child right now, how would you wish to be comforted?

If you had a scared or hurt child in your arms what would you do?

What would you say?

What gentle, kind words would you whisper?

How would you hold her?

That part of you that is holding onto a grudge is scared.

It feels important to hold on because it believes it is protecting you from something.

Maybe rejection, or feelings of inadequacy, shame.

Next, In your mind, take that part of you that is a hurt, afraid child

Bring her into your arms

Tell her that you have her, that you love her, that there is nothing wrong with her.

She is worthy.

Tell her that when she relaxes her hands around that grudge and give it to God, you will be there to protect her

Tell her you are strong enough to love her, even if someone else doesn't

That you will not reject her, even if someone else does

That you will not allow anyone, including her own mind, to tell her lies about her unworthiness.

She may go back and try to pick that grudge up again

Not because she is bad or wrong or naughty

Just because it is so, dang comfortable and validating.

Just Reassure her and bring her back to your lap, give her a squeeze, tell her you know how cozy that grudge can feel but she's moving on to better things for her now.

All of those feelings of powerlessness?

PUT THEM HERE (click for some tips)

  • Choose what you will believe on purpose.

  • Get coached on how to set good boundaries that allow your heart to remain open to love and peace

Have you seen the video of the child who could not let go of the kite? As the wind pulled harder, she held on tighter until it swept her into the sky. When the kite dipped and circled the child followed, desperately doing the thing she felt was the strongest, most powerful thing she could do to save herself. But the most powerful thing she could have done....was let go before the kite took her with it.

When you know how to emotionally protect yourself and filter the information coming know you are in no danger from words or actions of others.

You are no longer at the emotional mercy of what someone else says or does.

You are light.


You. Are. Free.

Please reach out by clicking below to relax your grip on a grudge and rediscover a heart at peace. I can help you.

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