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Friday Adventuring: Have you ever thought, "I have no idea what I am doing?"

I have.

I made a choice to do something I have never done before.

I wanted to camp out and hunt.

But I don't know anyone else who wanted to camp out and hunt and so I went alone.

I hauled my gear up a mountain, found the perfect camp site, went to pick up my backpack and noticed fresh bear scat...right where I was planning to camp.

I called my go-to, hunting guru to discuss the situation and was assured that the bear would be more scared than I was...but to sleep with my gun...

I spent the entire next day hiking to find those elusive animals only to find hoof prints and nothing else.

I quickly found where my skill set was lacking.

And so I sat, Marco Polo-ing my friend, as I watched my brain question my ability, my purpose, and my desire.

We are ALL here doing things we have never done before.

We are parenting.

We are going to work on less sleep than we would like.

We are navigating illness, working in marriages, and many, many other things and we begin to question,

"Should I be here? Do I know enough? Is this worth it? What am I doing??"

The brain will have a motive. It will always want to be comfortable.

And so it gives us all of the reasons why we should probably stop.

We don't know enough.

It probably won't work anyway.

There is no point.

It's uncomfortable.

It doesn't feel good.

It's probably the best idea to leave.

Our brain searches for danger including emotional danger like the possibility of failure or disappointment or rejection and reasons to go home to our comfort zone.

But just because we feel this way does not mean anything has gone wrong.

We may decide to change our approach.

We may decide to get some help.

But the executive brain has the ability to override that primal, toddler brain that just wants to go home, sleep in bed, and be warm and cozy eating something good doing the same thing it has always done before.

And get different results.

Because here are the facts:

You aren't supposed to be good at things you've never done before

You have to be willing to be bad at something to get good at something

It isn't supposed to always feel good

You must be uncomfortable to grow

You must risk failure to succeed

There may be another, more efficient way to do it...but you won't find it as long as you are focused on, "This won't work. I should probably quit. I have no idea what I am doing."

Maybe you haven't figured it out....YET.

How can you?

Who can help you?

What else can you do?

Work from that place and things happen.

My best to you,


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