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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Here is what to do about it.

It feels like your mind just seizes up

Decisions become HARD

  • What to eat for dinner ("I don't even want to deal with it")

  • When to go grocery shopping ("I don't have it in me to care")

  • What to do about that child of yours ("I can't handle this right now")

  • And how to repair your relationship with your spouse seems like the last thing you can handle ("This is too much. You're going to have to take care of you because I've. Got. Nothin'")

But this relationship causes you the most stress when you are not getting along and working together.

Overwhelm is an expected state because as humans we have literally never had so many decisions to make.

The brain is still evolving and trying to catch up and learn how to deal with all of the options.

And it works against us.

It makes us feel like curling up in bed and reading or watching TV.

The primal brain would love us to seek pleasure, avoid discomfort, and conserve energy.

We've got to be stronger than the urge to give in to those primal urges

Which are powerful

To train the brain to cope and deal better with more decisions

Before you try to edit out all of the things or people

The number of options is not creating the overwhelm

It is the brain that is creating the overwhelm.

Here is how to start retraining the brain:

  1. Start seeing many decisions and possibilities as a good thing. Why? Because when we believe that there are too many decisions we feel terrible and start gravitating toward self-pity. Never helpful.

  2. Practice deliberate constraint. Choose what stays and what goes with intention using your priorities.

  3. Practice decision making. Train your brain to make quick, powerful decisions that you stick with long enough to be able to execute. No more indulging in second-guessing, doubting, beating yourself up, or regretting.

  4. Choose to learn from anything that happens as a result. Do your best and when you know better...without the self-blame or self-judgement.

One major decision that my clients come to me with is trying to decide whether to keep a relationship or end it.

And my answer is always, "I don't know BUT

Either must learn to love your reasons why.

THAT is where I come in.

Coaches help you see through the fog in your mind to reveal your true reasons for staying or going so that you have the opportunity to love your decision.

So you can be aligned in integrity

And better able to handle the fallout of either decision.

The first strong and powerful decision there is to call me.

I will take it from there.

I can help you choose to stay or go

Help you learn to pull your brain from overwhelm to empowerment

To create peace even when demands are high.

These are the skills I am using on the daily to build a home with my husband

While we still remain active in our church responsibilities

Maintain and improve our relationship

Cope with issues with our children

Stay healthy and active

And I am so happy to share them with you

From the trenches.

If you want peace around your decision. If you want to get rid of overwhelm in your life...push the button below to schedule a call.

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