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Do I Deserve This?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

How much credit do we give ourselves for an outcome we didn't expect?

We believe that we create the results in our lives

Either intentionally or unintentionally

So when we have an unexpected outcome, we often start asking

What did I do to deserve this?

And usually we start working through the checklist of actions we may have taken to make this happen.


Stop. Right. There.

Actions are generated by feelings.

So what feeling is generating asking the question, "What did I do to deserve this?"



If your life was being run by a CEO (You), what energy would you like the trouble-shooting meetings to be driven by?

Would you want the CEO coming to you in confusion? Hurt?

Probably not.

But you are the CEO here.

You get to choose INTENTIONALLY what feelings you evaluate your results with.

What are the top emotions you would love running your life and marriage?




I'll tell you what MAIN emotion I choose.

I choose trust.

And so I choose thoughts that generate trust for ME...

Not IN someone else.

Thoughts that generate trust for me:

I trust that I will be a safe place to land when things go unexpectedly

I trust that the good I put out in the world will come back somehow

I trust that I always keep looking for a way to work my problems out

I trust in my ability to learn from EVERY experience I have

I trust that I am loveable no matter what

Is there a different emotion that would automatically create huge change in your relationship?

Let's get you there.

Reach out to talk about how to get you there on your own.

No waiting required.

Just click HERE to schedule a free coaching session and you will leave with 3 things you can do TODAY to change your marriage.

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