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Can We Make It To 18??

Is sometimes a question we ask as parents.

Our kids may be struggling and in the process we may begin to feel like we are sinking.

As humans we have some very basic fears and children can bring these fears up to the front and center.

Did you know that when we have children, the amygdala, or the fear center in the brain, literally increases in size and never goes back?

The problem is that we are not usually showing up as the best versions of ourselves when we are operating from fear.

We go to "safe mode" when we are acting from fear.

Safe mode cuts access to creative problem-solving.

Some teenagers require some very creative problem-solving. We want access to that part of the brain!

I am offering a free class to help parents learn how to help their struggling teens.

So you can parent from confidence, faith, acceptance, compassion, and strength.

So you can recognize when your fears are showing up and manage them in a way that does not resort to controlling the them.

So you can set good boundaries to teach, protect, and love those teens for the short time you have them.

Because what we don't want to do, is bring the devastation, the despair, the hurt that we are so worried about happening in the future, into the moments we are guaranteed: Now.

Register here to attend the online class on October 24th, 7:00 MDT.

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