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But What If It WAS Possible?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

How we hold ourselves back from progression and healing

considering the possibility
considering the possiblity

Some of the most amazing things in life have happened after someone said it was impossible.

Somehow, humans ended up in space, in flying machines up in the sky, ordering pizza online, talking to each other one separate sides of the earth, and in my case I ended up sleeping on a mountain alone.

This is something I didn't think was possible.

Every morning and every evening I would stand at my kitchen sink as I did dishes, looking at those mountains and wished to be up there.

I love the trees and the smells, the views, the serenity, and I longed to be up there looking down at my little house with the red roof keeping my brood warm and cozy and then looking up at the sky with a billion stars and eternity stretched out forever.

But I didn't know how.

I could get lost on the way to the library.

I get cold very easily.

There are wild animals up there.

I didn't know anyone else that wanted to do that.

But I would hear stories from the local hunters and knew it was possible.

They could do it. What if I could do it?

And I did.

This moment was huge in my life and I'll share more of it later, but it showed me very clearly that there are things that call us in life.

I felt called to those mountains and they have been instrumental in my healing and growth.

There are other things in life that we are here to do.

Every once in a while we feel it clear down to the core.

But we hold ourselves back and get in our own way.

I say we, because I don't believe I'm the only one.

I've worked with some rock stars. People who know they are meant to do more.

They want to connect with friends and family that they currently feel disconnected with.

They want to lose weight.

They want to get out of debt and experience the freedom to travel.

They want to heal from their diseases and disabled lifestyle.

They want to stop quitting on themselves over and over.

They want to love their body.

They want to love their spouse and have the marriage they dreamed of.

They want to learn to say yes to themselves, take care of themselves without feeling guilty.

They want to be the best moms they can without the self-loathing that follows what feels like a mistake.

But we bump up against a wall when we start generating thoughts to get us where we want to be.

They sound like, "I have no self-discipline", "I can't lose weight", "I'm just a spender. I hate budgets and can't stay with them.", "I'll never heal", "This is just how I am", "I could never forgive him for what he's done", "I can't love myself until I like what I see in the mirror", and on and on.

And when we look in the mirror and try to think things that will get us to where we want to be like, "I love my body" or "I am beautiful" or "I am perfect just how I am", the mind puts on the brakes.


Not buying it. Liar.

At least that's what I hear when I'm introducing something pretty new and outside of the normal bounds of thinking.

When the mind slams the door on a new thought, I go try the back door.

Where the friends come in without knocking just to chat.

(Well, your friends maybe. Ours know that there is a good chance there are at least two individuals roaming without pants at any given moment.)

Here is what the mind's back door looks like.

But what if I could.....?

What if I could lose weight?

What if I could heal?

What if I could sleep on the mountain by myself?

What if I could have the marriage I hope for?

What if I did have self-discipline?

And suddenly the mind begins entertaining the possibility, the thought, that takes us to action.

It may go to, "How would that feel?" "What would I do if it was possible?"

It's like playtime! Go ahead and play for a minute, just letting your mind wander in the possibility.

Is there anything you know you want to do? Or be?

What would you need to think in order to make that happen?

And what if you could think that.....

What could you do?

I bet it is amazing.

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