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Believing Without Wavering

That it can get better.

If you have ever been in a relationship that feels hopeless

But want to believe it can change...

This is for you.

Relationships are one of the most challenging experiences in life.

Sometimes they feel harder than injury, illness, and bankruptcy

But when they are going smoothly injury, illness, and bankruptcy feel so much more manageable.

If you are struggling with a relationship now

Or are a human

Unwavering belief draws you into a new way of acting that makes change inevitable.

Sometimes a belief like,

"I can make huge changes in my relationship, even if he doesn't." or

"This is going to end well."

"We are on the same team."

Feel like a stretch!

So start where you are.

Create beliefs in between that are already unwavering to bridge the gap of uncertainty.

Are these thoughts you can believe without wavering??

  • The skills of communicating well are learned in the trenches.

  • Having people show their "bad" side is how I learn to look for the good. Otherwise it requires no skill. It also shows where I need to do work to heal.

  • Everytime I notice myself beating myself up is a chance to learn to love the side of me I wish was different.

  • To expand my current abilities to love, my capacity must be stretched past my current strength

  • I can learn something from each experience

  • There are many, many resources that I still haven't tried.

When you believe things like this...without don't have to believe that things will change.

You will be loving yourself deeper which inevitably leads to protecting yourself better and setting more loving boundaries.

You will be focusing on the good in him which leads to more loving interations like, "Are you okay?" instead of "Don't talk to me like that."

You will be getting better and better at practicing new ways to interact which leads to new roads you never knew existed.

When you are more accepting that there is 50/50 in all of us you stop believing so hard that people shouldn't be how they are.

When you keep trying you continue to learn and grow...


Ways to create "bridge" thoughts:

  1. Focus on creative, building thoughts to replace destructive thoughts.

  2. Think, "How could I use this challenge?"

  3. Ask, "If I could master this, what could that mean for me?"

  4. Look to the past for thoughts that have helped you get through hard times.

  5. Look for evidence to prove that you use mistakes in yourself and others to grow.

If you want to see what coaching with me now...a resource you haven't tried yet...could look like for you, push the button below and schedule a call with me.

I already believe you can make big changes even if he doesn't change, that you are 100% in control of whether this ends well or not, and you are both on the same team. Team Human. Borrow my belief until you do and let's get started.

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