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Back to School Anxiety

When do I intervene? (And a free downloadable activity for you and your child)

Is your child struggling with worry about friends, teachers, or a certain subject?

Are you worrying about your child being bullied, accepted, that the teacher will understand them?

Back to school anxiety is so common that I made a whole BACKPACK full of resources for you.

A video about school anxiety:

What exactly are we protecting them from?

The important roles of a parent.

The difference between hurt and harm.

The benefits of discomfort.

Different ways to view struggle, your job, and your child's ability.

Your most important job when you make a decision.

Ways to get support if you are struggling with indecision or guilt.

Directions for an activity to support and teach your child.

Find your downloadable activity HERE

Additional resources:

Teaching Your Kids About Fear Part 1

Teaching Your Kids About Fear Part 2

Challenges That Change Our Kids

Managing Anxiety About Kids

Book: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman

One-on-One Help:

Click the button below to schedule a personal coaching call to discuss your current worries, a coach's perspective on solutions, and the skills that can be taught to create that solution for your specific situation.

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