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Are You Sabotaging Yourself With Unbelief?

Do you ACTUALLY believe that you can achieve your goals?

We set goals all of the time, but if there is something inside us that doesn’t believe that we can actually do it, we will have a harder time achieving it.

Because somewhere in there the mind is whispering, “What’s the point?”

One easy way to test to see if you are COMMITTED. 100% IN BELIEF. GOING TO GET IT…

Is to ask yourself this question: “Would I put money down (let’s make it a lot) on whether I could do this or not?”

If your mind waffles, goes to what you could do without that money anyway, what could go wrong…


You are still in unbelief.

Now think of a time that you had something you KNEW you would figure out how to get it done.

It didn’t matter what it took.

What the cost.

You knew to your core that you would figure out how to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Can you remember a time?

One huge one in my life is when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

I realized that it meant giving up some of the athletic pursuits I was currently stressing my body with.

But I was DETERMINED to figure out how to be active no matter what it took.

Being active is something that fills me with joy.

I love being outside any time of the year and feeling the wind on my skin. The pounding of my heart. I love feeling my lungs work and muscles strain. I love the feeling of pushing my limits and then the feeling of success when I am done.

I love hearing the sounds of nature. Moving. Living. Breathing in the world around me.

And so I decided to take the opposite approach to this challenge because I couldn’t tackle it the same way I had managed setbacks in the past. Working harder. Pushing harder.

That’s kind of what got me here in the first place.

I needed to back off and learn to appreciate what I had access to.

I slowed down.

(In the beginning this felt like TORTURE!)

I paid attention to the signals in my body instead of taking them as a personal challenge to push through, mow over, and bulldoze.

I discovered yoga. Meditation. Mindfulness.

I researched different types of training that were used by triathletes and runners who adopted the minimalist training approach and realized that my “more is better” attitude was most definitely not the best way to train.

I chased every podcast and book I could get my hands on of people who had put their autoimmune issues into remission, followed every directive from my physician, and tracked my progress meticulously. I created trackers for different varieties of symptoms, tried various protocols, WHATEVER led me toward a solution of finding a way to be active with autoimmune disease.

It was worth being the girl who doesn’t eat like everyone else.

The girl who goes to bed early.

The one who doesn’t do the long bike rides or join ultra-competitive cycling groups.

Doesn’t watch movies that invoke fear and stress.

Spends hours of time researching each week.

Because today you would never know by my blood tests that I have an autoimmune disease.

And I’m the girl who is up in the mountains. On her bike. Running the streets. Lifting weights. And doing yoga.

What I ended up with was even better than what I had before.

Because now I am a person who can still bust it out, in the smartest of ways, feeling my heart beat, my lungs work, my muscles straining AND meditate, do yoga, and notice the world around me, knowing that my identity is more than my PR.

It’s almost like I NEEDED my condition to learn what I did to become an even happier, more complete, more fulfilled person than I was before.

It was worth giving up the things that felt like air, so that I could really breathe.

I knew it would happen before it did.

I believed with all my heart that I would find a way or die with one more thing to try in my research notebook.

If I had not believed that I could do it or that it could happen I NEVER would have made the necessary sacrifices to make it happen.

That’s why it’s important to know where you are at in your belief.

Because without it along the way, it won’t feel worth it.

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