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Forge a new path

for your kids to follow
to create healthy relationships

Module One: This is why it is happening

Teach your kids how the brain works and why they are feeling upset.


Module Two: Feelings are okay

Teach your children how to process feelings without resisting, reacting, or distracting from them.


Module Three: Thoughts on Purpose

Teach your kids how to focus their thoughts on things that help them feel differently.

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Module Four: Self-love (coming soon)

Teach kids how the brain is constantly looking for ways to be good enough and how to manage the brain toward self-love

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Module Five Bonus:  Staying in your own lane

Teach your kids "emotional adulthood". 

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Worksheet One

Visual prompts to help your kids understand.  Click to download.

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Worksheet Two

Click to download 


Worksheet Three: Focus your thoughts

Click to download


Worksheet Four: Self-love 

Click to download

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