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What I wanted in life...

Jenn's coaching really helped me learn what I wanted in my life (being happy and successful) and how to be able to make decisions that were hard to make.

I would recommend Jenn because she is very experienced in what she does. I got the feeling that there wasn't an issue that she couldn't resolve. I also felt like she wasn't just coaching as a job. She is passionate about what she does and helping others live the best life they can. I felt like she was really investing her time, thoughts, and energy into helping me.

The difference between getting by and thriving...

coaching could be the difference between getting by and thriving. You won’t know until you try. Your results could be dramatic, but even if not, if you’re willing to work, you will end in a better place than when you started, and be better equipped to workshop your own problems in the future.

Focus on the real problem...

 I felt like Jenn was a really good friend who I could share anything with. The process that we went through gave me a lot of motivation and happiness. If I had problems at work, with family, or my relationship at the time we would dig deep and focus on the real problem, and I soon had a new outlook on certain circumstances that I used to struggle with.


Free Workbook: How to Help Him Help You

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Feel like you are already doing most of the work?


Many women I coach do.

But this is work you are doing for you...that is actually productive.

This workbook walks you through

  • Understanding why you slip into old habits

  • Knowing how to overcome your biology and old ways of reacting

  • Appling what you learn to show your children how to create and interact in a healthy relationship; even if your husband doesn't change a thing

Your hard work will be productive because you control it.

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