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I know what it feels like

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and HPA-axis dysfunction (adrenal fatigue), I had to make a difficult choice that felt like picking my poison.  Either continue doing what I LOVE; what I do for FUN like training for triathlons, cycling with the local club, lifting weights, summiteering, taking on any mental, physical, or emotional challenge, knowing my autoimmune disorder, fatigue, symptoms would get worse...or....I could take a look at how I could manage all of the accumulated stress in my life. I felt frustrated, like I was being held hostage by my body, like I was losing my very best years to exhaustion, like escaping.  I felt too young for this. 

When I really looked at it though, I realized I could manage this on my terms, or Hashimoto's terms.  I like doing things on my terms.

I've had to change my thinking.  I've had to change my diet.  I've had to change my activity to arrive here and what I have found is greater fulfillment, greater knowledge, peace, enjoyment, deeper relationships with myself and others, and an active life I didn't even know I was missing out on. And I've created a program to help others.

This could be you.  Regardless of your diagnosis.  This is why I love to coach.  I love to watch you realize that there are more adventures to come and help you figure out how to live yours using the program I used for myself.

We get to talk weekly by phone.  That way I can be there for you whether you are in bed that week or on a mountain top.  Your program will include regular support through email and text, worksheets, and a guided journey to take you through the process of managing autoimmunity on every level, customized to your individual needs. 

Call me for a free session and we'll get you on your path.  Whether you choose to work with me or not, you will leave with a direction. 

 Your next adventure starts here.

You coming?

Empowered coach jumping on a mountain
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