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Or tell you to do One.  More.  Thing.

I used to believe that to improve our relationship or get my needs met..he had to change.

That was the hard way.

I don't want you to work harder...

I'm not afraid of hard work but that wasn't the problem.
I was working to change things I literally could not change in order to feel better.
And I was SPENT.

When I knew what was mine to change
And exactly how to change it

That's when two complete people got to come together to love on each other.
I got to be enough.
He got to be enough.

And, girl, if I can do can do it.


I know the REAL solution that works long-term

Let's create a personalized way for you to make the difference in your relationship...even if your spouse won't change.

You can love yourself...

Jenn has such a zeal for life that will rub off on you! You don't have to have a major crisis going on to benefit from talking with her. She has so much love and can help you love yourself and others more. She recognizes human mistakes without using the crutch of humanity to keep you from trying to improve. 

Knowing you are enough...

Everyone needs a coach, they see things from another perspective, you learn lifelong self coaching skills that are used daily, such as setting boundaries, how to show up as your best self, most important that happiness comes from within, not from anything outside of you. Knowing you are enough, learning to love yourself .

Understand HOW...

 I love Jenn! She brings so much love to the experience and a genuine desire to help! Her approach allows for a very clear understanding of how you can improve your life instead of just "change". 

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