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Marriage Coaching
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of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Show your kids what a healthy relationship looks like

Jenn Andersen       Certified Life Coach     Stronger Because Coaching

You've TRIED everything you can think of....but nothing seems to work.

You're starting to think that the only way to feel better is to leave the marriage, leave emotionally, or wait for the next life...

Depleted.  Exhausted.  Defeated.

Take  a load off your shoulders

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It took a health crisis to realize that my "I'll just work harder" attitude was killing me.
Coaching saved my health, my family, my sanity, my marriage.

So, now I'm that coach/friend/organizer who helps you clean out that part of the brain you'd never want your neighbors to see and
Delegate, donate, delete the heavy stuff in your mind that

So you can put that energy toward the things that work.


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I teach you to see those things that feel so heavy for what they really are. 

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I help you let go of the resistance, the control, the fear, the guilt so you can move forward from love. 

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I teach you to take that energy and put it toward efficient change that is sustainable and compounds with time. 

Connected, Hopeful,  Loving, Motivated, Calm...Peaceful...

Ready.  Set.  Relax.

This is science + gospel + psychology all coming together to help you

  • Get out of that same, old, rut

  • Create a relationship that you love

  • Is sustainable

  • Is something you WANT to last forever.

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Coaching impacted my life...

"Coaching impacted my life by giving me concrete ways to take action to change my mental state at a time when I was stuck in heavy negative rumination."

I felt so free...

"After learning that my thoughts were the main cause of my depression and my terrible view on life itself, I felt so free. I was able to be happy even if someone wronged me or tried to hurt me. I was able to get over my regrets and accept me for being me. I was able to make difficult choices, and accept the consequences that came with it. I have only good things to say about Jenn, and would recommend her to anyone and everyone. 

It will help...

It's amazing to me that as a whole, all of us tend to have a blind spot when it comes to the concept of thoughts leading to feelings leading to actions and results. It just seems to make sense that other people "make" us feel as we do.  I can't think of anyone

who wouldn't benefit from coaching. It will help.